Since we have only a few guests at once, we can be flexible with breakfast offerings.  We will always provide fresh, homemade, sweet & savory, healthy & gluttonous starts to your day.


A fresh and healthy start to your day...

Look forward to delicious coffee from one of the many local coffee shops, such as Portland Brew, Frothy Monkey, and Bongo Java. If you’re more of a tea person, we’ll have several varieties from East Nashville’s High Garden Tea or from housemade dried herbs, florals, and teas.

While we may have sweet potato or buttermilk biscuits on some days, we will always have an assortment of breads, from the BEST baguettes in town at Dozen’s Bakery to tangy multi-grain from Provence Bakery. Your breads will be accompanied by fresh eggs, veggies, fresh and dried fruits, cheeses, and, yes, bacon & sausage.

If you’d like a lighter fare of yogurt with fruit & granola or need a to-go breakfast, that can also be arranged.