Breakfast Menu


Fresh coffee will be set up at 7:00 each morning. As always, you can help yourself to water or soda in the dining room refrigerator, hot tea by the kettle in the kitchen, and whatever iced drink & snacks are on the kitchen counter.

 We like to use local producers/vendors & during growing season our own garden will be featured.

Bongo Java Coffee:

FireFlour Bakery:


Every day, we will serve juice, yogurt, & fruit.


Since we will have no more than 3 sets of guests at once, we’d like to be as flexible as possible & let you tell us what you’d like for breakfast.

 Below are some recommendations -- know that you can have a feast to keep you content for most of the day OR  just a quick bowl of cereal & fruit.


 (1) Traditional Brekkie

  Eggs: scrambled, over easy, sunnyside up, soft/hard boiled

 Grits: plain, cheese                 

 Pan-fried potatoes

 Meat: bacon, sausage patty, or kielbasa

 Bread: sour dough, multi-grain, rosemary focaccia or biscuit


 (2) Toast, Fully Loaded

  Avocado, greens & cilantro tossed in chimichurri aioli, bacon, topped with an egg

 Bacon, lettuce, tomatoes.... egg & cheese if you like

 Smoked salmon, capers, onion, cream cheese

 Feta whip, tomato, cucumber, onion, olives

 Broiled brie with dried fig & cherry chutney

*feel free to ask for an egg


  (3) Sweet Treats for Breakfast

 Pancakes: add blueberries, chocolate chips

 French toast

*feel free to ask for an egg and/or meat


 DAILY SPECIAL - examples of daily specials include:

 (1) Frittata - egg, potato, ham, red pepper, onion, cheese with power greens tossed      

     in chimichurri or salsa verde aioli

 (2) Smoked Pork Shoulder Hash - with corncakes &  power greens tossed      

     in chimichurri or salsa verde aioli